Velvet Violet Is The New Grey

Velvet Violet Is The New Grey

Grey has always been a staple in the world of fashion, a lauded neutral known for its versatility. It’s everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere — it’s a necessary part of the color palette. But there are some other colors chomping at the bit for recognition as neutrals with the same functionality as grey, like our Velvet Violet, an elegant variance from that serves the same purpose as a neutral canvas with a richer quality to it.

Adding The Special Effect

Just like grey, Velvet Violet can stand on its own, juxtapose beautifully with logos, and layer with other pieces to create cohesive ensembles. It has the right amount of neutrality to make the prime school colors pop — reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, blacks all look great on a Velvet Violet garment. What sets this color apart from standard grey is the blue undertone, which gives it a velvety, soft look that has an extra flattering effect on women’s skin tones. All skin tones. It looks good on every person wearing it, and it is eye-catching while hanging on a fixture in a store.

<em>Our Towson University Graphic On A Velvet Violet Tank</em>

Our Towson University Graphic On A Velvet Violet Tank

School Spotlights

Just like the shape and craftsmanship aspects of our design model, color holds great importance. The elevated Velvet Violet gives our styles a lux designer feel, which is perfect for more sophisticated shoppers. It takes a trained eye to know quality when it comes to fabrics and colors, and our pieces were made specifically for those educated women. As soon a shopper walks into a campus bookstore and spots our fixtures, she knows this collection was made for her. Our pieces are created for longevity, timeless colors and styles that a woman will carry with her for her entire life. Buyers recognize the quality, too, excited to offer such a luxury item to their female consumers.

It Always Works

Regardless of the style, the logo color or placement, or the pieces you pair them with, every Stepforward item looks great in Velvet Violet. It’s truly the new grey, and we enjoy all the combinations we’ve created utilizing it as a neutral canvas. We loved working this color into our latest Mississippi State collection — Go Bulldogs!


Jesse Erin