Stephanie Libo The Glam Slam

Stephanie Libo The Glam Slam

Glam is in, and always has been. Finding a talented makeup or hair artist to perfect a desired look can be a huge challenge, but finding someone who can do both is a gold mine. Enter Stephanie Libo, licensed MUA and hair stylist who is dominating the beauty industry with professional photoshoots, personal sessions and an army of loyal clients.

While Stephanie focuses on hair, she adores the makeup aspect of styling, as well. “Sometimes I will top off my hair clients with a quick makeup look to give them an extra splash of glam,” she explains. The makeup accentuates the hair, which is the main attraction for most people being photographed. Her at-home salon is her preferred place to see clients, but she’s frequently on set and makes house calls for her regular clients to whom she refers as “family.”

Many beauty stylists’ origin stories involve practicing on family members, and Stephanie always watched her mother and sisters getting ready and ended up using herself as a guinea pig as well. “My mom caught me cutting my own hair when I was 3 years old!” she reminisces. “And I was always tempted to cut my Barbie’s hair.” Eventually, Stephanie’s mom and sisters would ask her help with flat ironing the backs of their heads, and while they thought they were “getting away with something” Stephanie absolutely loved it. After attending college at the University of Wisconsin and selling luxury real estate in Beverly Hills, Stephanie went to cosmetology school to bring this passion to the forefront of her life as she’d always dreamed. Now, she does her mom and sisters’ hair and makeup on a regular basis.

Highs and lows come and go, with a recent gifting of a Mattel hairstylist Barbie being a particular high for Stephanie. Repeat clients are gold, and she has accrued a steady flow of them in her fledgling career. Moments of doubt find their way to most artists, delivering a sinking feeling that the competition will get an edge up. “The hair industry has a huge social media presence and it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other stylists that have so much more experience,” Stephanie laments. “I work hard every day to grow and I know that one day I will be in their shoes.” Her refusal to let the success of others make her feel defeated is what will give her the strength to keep her head down and work hard to earn that same level of experience.

The thing that sets Stephanie apart from other stylists is her acute listening skills in assuring each client’s individual concerns are addressed to create the perfect custom style for their face shape, lifestyle, and preferences. “I am not interested in making my clients look a certain way in order to get likes on social media!” she insists. In the age of mastering thy selfie before mastering thy self, Stephanie has a good head on her shoulders about staying true to her beliefs about glam looks.

Part of making others look amazing involves utilizing a uniform that inspires trust in ones’ clients, while being mindful of the hazards of the trade. “Between the different products used for hair and face, no outfit is ever safe! “I always wear comfortable shoes, breathable materials, and simple clean lines that don’t get in my way,” Stephanie says. “I can’t be fussing and pulling at my outfit all day.” Shying away from the typical black ensemble of a stylist, Stephanie prefers every  variation of Jeans possible, fun sneakers and comfortable tees and tops. She doesn’t sacrifice quality for comfort, though, as she knows the longevity of fabrics with great fits that are wash-and-wear are her go-to’s.

Stepforward was able to score Stephanie Libo for hair and makeup on our latest photoshoot. Her brilliant beauty direction gave the campaign imagery the perfect amount of sparkle and flair!

To see Stephanie’s glam looks, follow her on Instagram and watch her style evolve as she steps forward into her successful career as a hair and makeup artist.





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