The Magic Of Olive & June

The Magic Of Olive & June

The Origin Of Olive & June

Sometimes a successful business idea doesn’t come from reinventing the wheel but rather a tweak to an already-existing paradigm to make something that’s working even better. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, creator of Olive & June, is changing the beauty landscape with “a new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely.” With three locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Pasadena, Olive & June is growing quickly and gaining cult-like popularity via social media.

Inside Olive & June's Beverly Hills Location

Inside Olive & June’s Beverly Hills Location

Where She Began

Native New Yorker Sarah Gibson saw an opportunity for a new kind of nail salon while visiting Los Angeles and searching for her perfect nail place. After not having any luck finding a good place, her light bulb moment came about and she decided she’d need to create her own place if she wanted the experience for which she searched so hard. That’s when she first opened Olive & June and truly thought it was going to be an amazing nail salon that did fabulous mani/pedis. The art has become a huge part of the brand — one of the many things that make Olive & June special — but Sarah’s biggest hope is that her clients feel like their nail experience has gone from being a chore to something they really look forward to.

The artists Sarah employs are creative and unique, giving an eclectic feel to the nail art that is posted to Olive & June’s social media accounts. The decor is minimalist and delicate, a true peaceful sanctuary for today’s busy woman. Plus, you can make appointments online, they store your credit card info for you so you don’t have to reach into your wallet with wet nails and they offer formaldehyde-free products in what is the icing on the cake for this truly exceptional salon.

Unique Nail Art Done By Olive & June Nail Artists

Unique Nail Art Done By Olive & June Nail Artists

Highs And Lows

A career high for Sarah was the event that was hosted by Drew Barrymore in her very own salon after just a few short months after opening. Drew’s line, Flower Beauty, is an amazing collection of products and Sarah was honored that someone she admires so much would host such a wonderful event at Olive & June. Its popularity was instantaneous and Sarah works hard to maintain the reputation for having one of the best salons in Los Angeles. Challenges arise, as with any business, and Sarah found that at first the hardest thing to overcome was turnover. She felt like everyone she worked with was family, but quickly learned that not everyone has to be a lifer in order to be a valuable part of Olive & June. “Everyone’s path is their own and we are lucky to be part of it,” she tells us.

Her Inspiration

The motivation to keep striving for success is first and foremost Sarah’s team. “Being better every day for them is my biggest motivation,” she says, with determination. Her second motivation is her daughter, and the desire to create a business that she will be excited to go to, and will make her proud of her mother. With three locations already operating successfully we are sure Sarah will keep opening more, changing the way women experience nail salons for the better.

Owning Her Style

Presentation is important to Sarah, so she dresses as nicely as she can while realizing she wears many different hats at all the Olive & June locations, and cleaning is one them! Her typical outfit is jeans and a tee shirt, as it’s her favorite outfit of all time. Her clothing standards are as impeccable as her business standards and she will only wear clothes that feel good on her skin as well as look stylish.

Keep In Touch

You can visit Olive & June at their locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Santa Monica, book an appointment on their website, and follow them on Instagram for some truly fabulous nail inspiration! You can also follow Sarah personally on Instagram as well, and see her beautiful daughter grow up as the heir to a salon empire.


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