From Mack and Jane, With Love

From Mack and Jane, With Love

Mack and Jane is a catering company in Los Angeles, founded by Monica Elayne, who makes everything from vegan to soul food with a repertoire including cakes, savory dishes, as well as healthy meal preps that have fitness enthusiasts applauding the time and effort they save ordering from her. Monica has been booked every weekend for the last three years, proof that she is well on her way to achieving her ultimate goal of being able to provide full service for events on a large scale.

Where Monica Began


Quinoa Squash, By Mack and Jane

Monica got her MFA in Studio Art from Cal Institute of the Arts and shortly after started Mack & Jane, a catering and bakery company. Initially, Mack and Jane started with just seasonal desserts, but one genre was clearly not enough to satisfy her enthusiastic clientele so Monica expanded the menu to include customized desserts, meals (delivered!), and special event selections to cater to this demand. The company now makes hundreds of meals and custom treats every month for clients in the Los Angeles area and across the country, and it all started with some cookies and cupcakes.

Monica’s Stepforward moment came in undergrad while working on her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, in the form of some solid life advice delivered by her lab professor, Bill, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work”. Monica tells us his words helped change the way she maneuvers through the world and gave her the inspiration to start her own business. With biological sciences and studio arts studies under her belt, Monica was prepared to navigate the world of culinary business by storm.

Challenges And Goals

Mack & Jane tapped into a niche market of the industry that is hard to handle on such a large scale: 100% customizable organic and non-GMO food for any occasion. With a tall order like that it’s no surprise there isn’t a specific menu — there is nothing to choose from because everything is possible! According to Monica, you can order “pretty much whatever you want”, which is both exciting and challenging at the same time. One of Monica’s favorite catering gigs was in the Spring of 2015 when she was asked to make a donut bar for a wedding as the dessert table for which she custom built the donut holder that held 400 donuts. Opportunities like that give her a chance to use her culinary skills, her “greedy taste buds”, and her MFA degree to come up with crazy displays that you can’t find anywhere else.

Monica’s Inspiration

Monica’s parents were the inspiration not only to achieve her dreams, but in the name of her business as well; Mack & Jane are the middle names of her mom and dad. Growing up, they both had difficult jobs, yet her mother still managed to come home and make dinner each night. This company allows Monica to give that feeling to others — the feeling of security, of home, of having something special, just for you. Monica tells us, “We are all too busy sometimes to hold on to those comforting feelings, so when I make meals for a family, or a bachelor who never learned how to cook, or my clients who are too ill to cook, it really is about saying ‘Hey, this was made just for you and no one else will have it because I care.’” It is the love from her parents that pushes her to inject that love into every aspect of her catering business.

Owning Her Style

Monica likes to be comfortable in the kitchen, and her clothes usually give her the room to move about and yet inspire her. As a business owner she knows how to put her best foot forward and look presentable while still managing to elicit that sense of love that she pours into her food and accompanying decorations. At events, she dresses in sleek yet comfortable clothing so she can move around quickly and maintain that air of professionalism for which she’s so respected.

Keep In Touch


Cupcake Pies by Mack and Jane

If you’re interested in booking Mack and Jane for your next catering event in the Los Angeles area, check out their website for some inspiration, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to see the unique concoctions they’ve used this season for their special events and to watch the business grow. You can also purchase cookies or cupcakes in a jar from Monica’s Etsy shop. Enjoy!

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