Luxury in Lexington

Luxury in Lexington

We are thrilled with our chic and timeless Washington & Lee collection, and have thoroughly enjoyed the campus and surrounding city of Lexington with all of its glorious and nostalgic sites. We loved Lexington so much we put together a list of our favorite eats and haunts for you to visit the next time you’re in the Shenandoah Valley for a campus tour, parents day, or simply stopping through on a longer trek. It’s truly a memorable place to visit.

The Georges

One of the most important parts of visiting a quaint town is deciding where to hang your hat, as the vibe of a hotel absolutely affects a trip. With 18 elegant rooms in two buildings on opposite sides of Main Street, the nostalgia of traditional Virginian hospitality, rich in 200 years of history, is abundantly apparent at The Georges. Reinforcing the “Virginia is for lovers” mantra, each room drips with elegance and luxury, yet maintains its standing as a great place for groups to stay due to the spacious suites it offers its guests. If you find yourself lucky enough to visit Lexington, whether on a group tour of the W&L campus or just meandering through the rural south, make your stay unforgettable at The Georges.

Center of Gravity

Keep yourself grounded as the stimulation of Lexington’s nature and architecture gets your mind working. The city stays healthy with the holistic practices of Yoga, Pilates, and the healing energy of Qigong and Tai Chi at the aptly named Center of Gravity. Whether you’re wanting to work out the kinks acquired strolling the city’s languid streets, or just need to decompress and take in the local energy, this place is a gold mine for peace and tranquility. All levels can enjoy the classes, and the diverse atmosphere enriches the inclusion already felt so strongly at W&L and the entire town. You can even grab a gift certificate for that local Lexingtonian or W&L student in your life!

Lexington Coffee Roasters

A true nostalgic gem, Lexington coffee offers brewed-to-order coffees, locally made bagels and cookies, and a self-guided tour and brewing lesson from the staff. Their coffee has earned two 2016 Compak Golden Bean Silver Medals and inclusion in the Top 30 Coffees of the Year. Their commitment to sustainability is admirable, their coffee is both delicious and inspiring, and their lawn is huge and dog friendly. What are you waiting for? Grab some coffee roasted the same day you buy it and sip it between classes or before a day of sight-seeing around Lexington.

Sweet Things Ice Cream

Want to talk about small-town charm? This ice cream shop has been around for 30 years and is walking distance to some serious American History landmarks. Their ice cream is made fresh on site every day, with hand-rolled waffle cones and a dash of old-timey love. Virginia Living magazine readers voted us one of the best ice cream parlors in the Shenandoah Valley in 2012 and 2013. It’s directly across from the Washington & Lee campus, and in walking distance of Virginia Military Institute.

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company

Founded by a couple who fell so in love with craft beer that they decided to make it their life’s mission, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company reels you in with their tours and keeps you hanging out at their hip location due to the camaraderie felt with other people in tour groups and an overall feeling of inclusion. They put on live events frequently, including bluegrass bands, making them a must-see for those trying to take in the feel of this whimsical city. Make a day of Devil’s Brewery, as this tour is generous with their samples! And take notes for future reference on how to incorporate their beer to up the classiness of your next tailgate, ski lodge, or campfire.

Hull’s Drive-In Movie Theatre

If you’ve ever seen an old movie about the south, chances are strong a drive-in theatre is in at least one scene. There’s nothing like feeling the balmy air and community spirit of watching a movie in the privacy of your own car but so close to other wonderful human beings. Hulls went through a lot to become the landmark it is today, with the townspeople raising money for repairs to ensure it remains an operating part of the Lexington experience. Now, it’s only one of seven drive-in theaters still operating in Virginia and is the only non-profit drive-in theatre in the United States. The movies are family-friendly, so no one is left out, and they movies play every weekend between March and October. Include this place in your family trips to Washington & Lee, or get off campus to feel some old-school charm to help you feel grounded.

The Natural Bridge Safari Park

Bring the zoo to your car with this incredibly hands-on animal experience where you drive through a park and let the animals approach your vehicle for feedings and love. No glass or fences separate you from nature’s majestic creatures, and this 180-acre park lets you enjoy the natural environment these animals crave. Take a slow stroll at 3mph through the grounds to see every animal, and revel in the care that went into creating every inch of this glorious park. It’s not just for kids — seeing an animal live and in technicolor is an indescribable learning experience!

Look Like A Local

Now that it’s been firmly established that Lexington, Virginia should be on everyone’s bucket list for travel places, make it a priority to visit this town that is brimming with life and centuries of tradition. And, if you’re lucky enough to a Washington & Lee student, or to love one, stop by the W&L Bookstore and pick up a Stepforward shirt to rep this wonderful city as you take in the sites. imply stopping through on a longer trek. It’s truly a memorable place to visit

Jesse Erin