Hair Color Prodigy

Hair Color Prodigy

Hair Color Prodigy Lauren Price

Our previous Woman We Admire was Janette Casablanca, hair stylist and master colorist at Umberto Beverly Hills. Now we meet her lead assistant, Lauren Price, who is a hair stylist specializing in color — and a prodigy to follow —  as she trains to become a master at the prestigious Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills. These specially chosen stylists have to live and breathe their craft. For Lauren, this is her life.

Like anyone with a deep sense of pride in their work, the seeds of this passion sprouted in Lauren from a young age. “I used to play hair shop in my bathroom when I was younger,” she explains. “I would insist my parents and their friends let me put shampoo in their hair and mess around!” A supportive family is a great addition to any young person’s dreams, and Lauren thrived from the practice for what would become her career. She attended the Academy of Beauty and while she learned the basics about cosmetology and mixing color, she learned more from on the job training after school. In her words, “I didn’t know my ass from my elbow when I got out of beauty school and now I am extremely confident that I can guess a hair color formulation in under 30 seconds!” Her ability to use real-world skills, combined with what she learned in school, have made her an unstoppable force.

The rigorous assistant program at Umberto can be challenging, but Lauren is in it for the long haul and committed to completing her training at the top. “It’s not easy — it’s a minimum of two, intensely long hours, and any work short of exceptional is not acceptable.” Recently, her boss left town for a month and she was unexpectedly left in charge. She utilized new skills during that period, like time management and communicating to clients which times were available in a diplomatic, yet firm, fashion. Leaders thrive under pressure, and Lauren proved she’s got what it takes to hold her own as an independent stylist. She swells with pride whenever she’s referred another client from a happy customer.  All the hard work she puts into her craft is paid off, “every time a client leaves my chair thrilled with the way their hair looks,” she says fondly.

Long hours and standing work make dressing cute and trendy challenging, but Lauren stays true to her own style with a carefully crafted daily ensemble. “Short dress, flats or sandals, and some kind of flannel, denim, or cotton cover up” are her go-to items, and while some stylists rock a pair of high heels, Lauren states definitively, “Not this girl.” She’s all about comfort and tasteful modesty, and, while she laments that she stains everything she owns, she still feels compelled to display her personality through her fashion and show the best version of herself for her clients.

You can see Lauren at Umberto Beverly Hills, or follow her on Instagram @laurenfayeprice to see her progress as a lead assistant at such a unique, high-end salon. Her tenacity is why we chose her as one of our Women We Admire and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

Jesse Erin