The Color Master At Work

The Color Master At Work

Master Colorist Janette Casablanca 


Grooming is not a new phenomenon; it’s something we humans have done for ourselves and each other since the dawn of time. A well-groomed person holds a higher position in society, and portrays their best self as a way of reflecting their inner confidence and poise. Janette Casablanca is a hair stylist and master colorist at one of the most prestigious salons in Beverly Hills, Umberto, and she paved her path to that position with tenacity, hard work, and a deep understanding of how to help her clients present the best version of themselves.

Janette started playing hairdresser as a child, and grew up with a lot of sisters who insisted she do their hair since she’s a perfectionist. “I think this career chose me in a lot of ways,” she reflects fondly. Her decision to go to cosmetology school surprised no one, and she took it seriously as she continued her education through participating in shows, taking other classes, and teaching and training other stylists. She equates teaching to “Giving back” and finds great joy in watching her proteges go on to have their own success. In that same vein, having an assistant who doesn’t seem to have passion for their job really brings her down. “It’s a waste of my time and a drain on my energy,” she states matter of factly. This isn’t just a hobby for her, this is her career, and she expects the people in her circle to be on the same page.

Mastering color is arguably one of the hardest aspects of hair styling, and Janette explains that it’s not just finding a perfect color that makes it so challenging. “What excites me is to be able to fix a bad color job and be able to make it look great,” she explains. Anyone who’s ever experienced a bad color job knows that although the stylist puts the cape on her client, she is the true hero in that scenario. Motivated by the desire to keep up with trends, Janette always knows the hottest hair fads and how to execute them for her high-end clientele in a city known for setting the standards for the rest of the world.

Like her clients, Janette wants to present her best self and makes a great first impression with her fashion choices, taking several factors into account. “Based on the weather and the season, I decide the colors I want to wear, if I want to wear a skirt or a pair of pants. But I always try to wear comfortable shoes that are also cute.” Janette, like many women, is a fan of flattering jeans and tries to wear a distinctive piece in every ensemble. She favors bright colors that pop against her brunette hair, and would rather spend more money on a piece that will keep its form. Quality over quantity, a respectable mantra for someone in the beauty industry.

Should you find yourself needing a color rescue or just want a new look from someone who lives and breathes their job, head over to Umberto Beverly Hills and ask for Janette. Her talent and dedication, as well as incredible listening skill and attention to detail, have made her a hot commodity at Umberto and one of the Women We Admire here at Stepforward.



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