Cosplay-er Brittnee Braun

Cosplay-er Brittnee Braun

Female Entrepreneur: Cosplay Designer Brittnee Braun of Brittnee Braun Designs
With the popularity growth in characters like Harley Quinn and a push towards more female-centric merchandise like the DC Bombshell series, female characters are making more of a name for themselves than ever. Wonder Woman is even getting her own modern movie! Women are definitely developing a stronger voice in the land of cosplay—still, there are far fewer females attending these events and for good reason—you don’t find a whole lot of feminine clothing at Comic Cons, and what you do see is expensive and typically not high quality. Here to fill that void and empower women with her cosplay costumes is designer Brittnee Braun of Brittnee Braun Designs.


Brittnee Braun Design: Poison Ivy

Brittnee, an avid Cosplay-er herself, started wearing nerd clothing and costumes at cons and events and got so many compliments that she figured it was probably quite a profitable endeavor. It’s when friends starting requesting she make them costumes as well that she knew she had the seed of a business planted in her hem. She sells handmade skirts and coordinating pop culture accessories and clothing—mostly jewelry and tops—and she also makes custom costumes and cosplay for Halloween, special events, and conventions. “I started the company to fill a hole in comic book fashion for woman. It’s a bonus that I get to work for myself, from home, in my pajamas,” she tells Stepforward. “And it combines my nerd love and fashion love.” Let your geek flags fly!


Skirty Birt Design on Brittnee Braun

Everyone experiences challenges during the start of their business, and Brittnee’s came in the form of trying to price her items, which patterns to sell (i.e. which characters would be most popular), and at which conventions to attend and rent a booth. Your first few years with your own business involve a lot of investing your own time and money into your baby, so you must choose wisely where you spend your precious resources. Brittnee is the epitome of a DIY business starter: she did everything herself from Day One. In the next five years she hopes to be showing her cosplay designs at at least two events a month, and to be able to bring on some help while still keeping the handmade, custom aspect alive. “New York Comic Con, SDCC, and Toronto Comic Cons are the big ones. I’d like to be invited to exhibit there.” she states, definitely. We have no doubt she’ll get there.


Brittnee’s Booth At San Diego Comic Con

Brittnee got her inspiration from her very own mother, who owned a successful hair salon her whole life. From her she learned the basics of business and the importance of supporting other females in a sense of solidarity. If she could seek advice from anyone it would be from the founders of current female nerd companies like Black Milk, Her Universe, and We Love Fine. How did they get the attention and funds to expand? What kept them ahead of the curve? We have a feeling they’ll be asking advice from her someday soon—have you SEEN her designs? We are loving her Harley Quinn cosplay design!


Brittnee Braun and Harley Quinn at Comic Con

As to be expected from a female boss who hustles, Brittnee’s got new cosplay designs in the works as she is constantly striving to keep her cosplay merch fresh and rotating. FYI she’s got amazing Halloween items out on her site now and more handmade pieces should premiere next year. She likes to wear comfy pajamas when she sews and that feeling definitely seeps into her seams—her stuff fits well and has great texture. Keep your eye on this Cosplay Outfitter; she knows what’s hot and how to flatter the female figure in a way that makes you feel like a superhero. Follow Brittnee on Facebook or Instagram to see which event she’ll be showing at next!



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